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After a point, JEE is a more a test of pyschology than a test of Phy, Chem and Maths -- like it or not, Strategy does matter !

The objective of this website is to help you prepare for the IIT JEE exam.

There are good coaching institutes and text books around, that help one to prepare academically but fail to prepare you mentally. You need working strategies and plans, besides acumen in Physics,Chemistry and Maths, for the right mental preperation. So P.C.M is "necessary but not sufficient" guys Wink

Folks who made through JEE have success strategy to share, so we have created this site as a platform where IITians will help you by solving your problems. We would like to emphasise that focus is on providing




Why Have We Moved ?

We started iitjee.freeservers.com, in the december of 1999 and its going to be close to a decade. We thought of upgrading our site and adding more feature, so as to broader our offering. Our relationship with freeservers has been close, so this site would remain, but we are now shifting our web home to www.iitjeestrategy.com

If you liked iitjee.freeservers.com experience, I am very hopeful that you would like the new avatar too.

We invite you to our new site : www.iitjeestrategy.com